Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Ceramicist Olga at Mower's Saturday Sunday Flea market


When Olga was accepted at the Cleveland Art Institute for study, her intended medium to work in was  glass blowing. When her family relocated to Poughkeepsie, N.Y. she resumed her studies at SUNY New Paltz and found that clay gave her the challenge and satisfaction she was seeking in her creative life. As it turned out, the clay gives Olga an opportunity to work three dimensionally. The pieces she creates can either blend into the new owner’s life both with form and function or the piece can become a center or focal point for the space it inhabits.

Olga first started selling her ceramic ware at Mower’s flea market in Woodstock, N.Y. in 2015. She is set up most Saturday and Sundays throughout the season. Olga notes that she especially likes interacting with her customers at the flea market.  For inspiration Olga draws on her knowledge about mythology and ritual art of ancient times.  Part of her philosophical process in art is the concept of not following the laws and rules of nature. Her created objects are a result of her ability to work beyond assumed boundaries of thought.  Stop by at the flea to see and touch her one-of-a-kind functional ceramic food ware and her ceramic figures  in person.

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