Saturday, May 26, 2012

Looking for silver jewelery, Sarah's got it!
Steve, our fresh fruit and veggie farmer guy has been with us for almost 30 years. He features many organic items grown on his family farm.

Gifts to Uplift

Francesca, one of many new vendors this season has a fine collection of shirts that share her message of peace and calm. her web link is

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buddha statuary and so much more

Buddhas are the specialty of this booth. These vendors have been with us more than five years and their statuary are very popular. Statues not your thing? They also have jewelery and other decorative items to choose from.

The history of pickles in Woodstock

Perry's pickles return for their second year. This award winning pickle producer has a special history with Mower's flea market. Their grandfather was " MR. PICKLE". If you recall walking around Mower's in the 80's and purchasing a pickle out of a vat from MR. Pickle, his grandson is now our pickle vendor.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012 Today we begin our 35th year running Mower's Saturday Sunday Flea market on Maple lane in Woodstock, Ny. Mother Nature couldn't have offered us a more beautiful weekend to start the season. We are very grateful for a weekend of sunshine, a full field of vendors, many returnees and a whole new bunch of new vendors. The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Arts is holding it's annual weekend Side Walk Sale May 19 and 20 as well. There is so much going on in the Hudson Valley this weekend. We are especially grateful for YOU- our fans and customers who support our vendors year after year. When you take time out from your yard work, laundry and food shopping, make sure to stop by in Woodstock and relax, visit with old friends and spend some time at Mower's Saturday Sunday flea market too.

The Best of Flea Market Home and Living Magazine.

Boy, were we excited and pleasantly surprised to see Mowers Saturday Sunday flea market mentioned on page 127 of a recent issue of The Best ...