Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today was the season finale for 2012 Mower's Saturday Sunday fleamarket. What an amazing day! There were four different weather predictions for today and it looks like we had a little bit of each one. Our vendors set up on the field this morning with frosty but sunny anticipation. As the day rolled along and visitors began to stroll around Woodstock on Small Business Saturday, clouds and wind brought flurries and a seasonal chill. The view of Overlook Mt from Maple Lane included dark snow filled skies with patches of sunny blue showing through. Thank you everyone for a great season. We are all grateful for your support. The fleamarket will open in 2013 on or about May 18th. We can be reached at or 845-679-6744.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veteran's Day Weekend 2012. Take a moment to remember those who served our country over the years. A Big Heartfelt Thank you! Mower's flea market is grateful that we are able to be open this time of year. We are going week by week and hope that the weather will allow us to be open Thanksgiving Weekend. Woodstock is a great little town to have a get away weekend and visit art galleries and shops that are along the main street. There is always something going on, just visit the Chamber Web site or pick up an issues of the Woodstock times online or in local stores. We can be reached at 845-679-6744, or on site on Maple Lane on the weekends.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A happy day at Mower's fleamarket

Today was the best kind of day at the fleamarket in Woodstock. Yesterdays rain had everyone's expectations for a busy weekend dampened by a tepid forecast. To be an outdoor vendor, hope springs eternal. Everyone was greeted with a cloudless bright sunny day- the streets and sidewalks of Woodstock are packed with people drinking in the beautiful fall weather and color. John Mower doesn't mind for one minute that he hasn't won a chess game yet. We plan to be open thru Thanksgiving weekend- weather provided

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not only does Suzanne create some beautiful hand crafted jewelery, she also makes a wide variety of incense and has it available for sale at Mowers flea market.
All natural tasty treats for your best doggy friend, found only at the Mowers flea market in Woodstock
Pat and Keven set up most weekends at the flea market. You must try out the waterless hand cleanser Down and Dirty natural waterless hand cleanser. You can also visit Pat and Kevin at their new store on Mill Hill Road- Heart of Woodstock- located in the old Longyear Building.
New to the market this year. "Healing with the Mystic Satprem" Want to release pain, find truth or enjoy an island of peace and love while at the market? Then give yourself the priceless gift of Holistic Health with IKIERA divine energy, channeled through Satprem. IKIERA Master Satprem came from India to open a Holistic Healing Center (Body-Mind-Soul) in Upstate NY and is NOW at the Woodstock market! She has over 32 years experience in Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, UK and Greece. In Satprems words: "in love with love always"!
Woodstockers of the not to distant past used to have an old saying... after Labor Day, you could roll a bowling ball down Mill Hill Road and never hit a car. Though things in the 21st century slow down a little bit once all the kids are back to school, we don't slow down to the snails pace of the 1945's and 1950's. Woodstock Ny has become a year round weekend getaway destination. Our fleamarket will be open thru the Thanksgiving weekend, weather providing of course! Our trusty answering machine at 845-679-6744 will have the most up to date information about our schedule. Also, our facebook page has regular up dates. We are looking forward to some beautiful country weather this fall season. Our vendors are changing over their merchandise and we welcome the new vendors who are exploring the Mower's fleamarket experience.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Woodstock Good Neighbor Food Pantry

Thurman Greco and her dedicated volunteers are working hard each weekend to raise funds for the Good neighbor food pantry. Our local food pantry has out grown its home at the Reformed Church, therefore, funds need to be raised for the purchase of a building. There will be a Food pantry music festival on Sept 8 at Andy Lee field.Call 417-5535 for information and to volunteer.

Saturday Market Fairs on the Village Green

" The Saturday Market Fairs remained part of the morning ritual on the village green for almost 20 years. Table sellers, as they were known, who displayed their items for sale , would fold up their tables and store them for the week in an area behind the Woodstock Village Inn. ( a.k.a. FreeStyle Realty Building) At some point in the 1940's Mrs. Mary Terwilliger, a member of Christ's Lutheran Church began managing the Saturday Market Fairs. Shortly after, members of the Dutch Reformed Church decided that the village green was no longer to be used for the popular Saturday fairs." Excerpt from American Tapestry, the Mowers of Maple Lane by Janine Fallon Mower, 2007.

A Taste for Autism

Perry's Pickles has partnered with Coppola's Italian Sauces
to raise funds for Autism research.


Andrea creates wearable art and Jewelery
visit her web site-

Woodstock has the distinction of having an outdoor Saturday Market for over 90 years

" As the year 1917 came to a close, all attention in Woodstock and the world turned to what became known as the war to end all wars. Ethel Peets, a member of the Woodstock Club, developed the idea of holding a street fair, similar to those in Europe, in the center of the village. Her aim was to raise money for the Red Cross. She enlisted the help of another club member, Marion Eames, and they set about gathering a group of volunteer workers to run the street fair. The first market fair was held on a Saturday morning in 1918, on the village green, opposite the Dutch Reformed Church. It was managed by Ethel Peets and Mrs. Chase, mother of Rhoda Chase." Excerpt from American Tapestry, the Mower's of Maple Lane. Janine Fallon Mower 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Air plants and more

Olga brings along beautiful items from her native country of Peru
Yes, that is correct, these natural delights do not need dirt As a matter of fact, they filter the air. Ask Sean and Olga !

Treasures for all!

For collectors and decorators, our fleamarket is a great place to make a weekly visit.
You just never know what kind of a treasure you will find!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Avon Skin -so Soft Bath Oil

Janine has been the flea market AVON Lady for over 30 years. Many people return annually to purchase their bug repellant.

A Collection from Pakistan/India Border

Many items have their origins in India, Egypt or Burma
When you visit Boo's booth, he will be sure to tell you more about these items.

Marti's Art Show

Yes, even at a flea market, you can find amazing artists work on display.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Butterfield Pottery

Traditional Handmade Pottery
Ovenproof, dishwasher safe
Contact Dave or Sue at for their schedule of setting up at Mower's Saturday Fleamarket in Woodstock, NY

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hand crafted wooden toys

Bill has an amazing talent and he's very knowledgeable about the art of creating wooden toys You can find him set up next to Perry's Pickels, most weekends at Mower's fleamarket

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweet Rama's Home made Goat milk soap

Inspired by Rama a pygmy goat adopted from a local animal sanctuary in 2011 Rose Have Farm - spreading the message that all of God's creatures deserve to be loved and treated with respect and dignity. contact JoAnne at for dates when she sets up at Mower's Flea Market in Woodstock

Sunday, June 17, 2012

There is always something sparkling on Ellie's table. Jewelery, Pins or Glassware- vintage bling!
Cast Iron Jeff and Ginny have an extensive knowledge about their cast iron ware.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Everything under sunny or cloudy skies

Frank's treasures Tammy's jewelery and stones Tammy will also custom make jewelery for you.

Rainy season

June 2012 weather is proving to be quite a challenge this year. We are an all out door market, therefore our vendors and our customers are challenged when Mother Nature decides that our region needs to have more rain on the weekends. Over the years, we have been blessed with a dozen or so vendors who have a very high tolerance for rainy forecasts. As we all have learned, the weather person isn't always spot on with their forecast. We are open today, June 9th and hope to be open tomorrow as well. The Woodstock Fire Co # 1 has their annual car show scheduled for Sunday June 10. The fire company has a facebook page and more detailed info about the car show can be found there.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Rocks and Gemstones

Irene is one of our Rock and Gemstone vendors. She sets up just about every weekend. She is very knowledgeable about the stones and their special aspects.

Fabric Artist

Cumi creates these unique outfits
She also adapts her designs and enhances many of her re-purposed items.
Look closely because you just never know what you will find tucked away on a table at Mower's flea market in Woodstock

Wild Bill's Jamz

Wild Bill creates these tasty Jamz. He's been our jelly guy for at least a decade! The selection he offers is creatively yummy. If you ask, he will give you suggestions on different food to use the jamz's with.
Life is bigger than toast and jam!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Looking for silver jewelery, Sarah's got it!
Steve, our fresh fruit and veggie farmer guy has been with us for almost 30 years. He features many organic items grown on his family farm.

Gifts to Uplift

Francesca, one of many new vendors this season has a fine collection of shirts that share her message of peace and calm. her web link is

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buddha statuary and so much more

Buddhas are the specialty of this booth. These vendors have been with us more than five years and their statuary are very popular. Statues not your thing? They also have jewelery and other decorative items to choose from.

The history of pickles in Woodstock

Perry's pickles return for their second year. This award winning pickle producer has a special history with Mower's flea market. Their grandfather was " MR. PICKLE". If you recall walking around Mower's in the 80's and purchasing a pickle out of a vat from MR. Pickle, his grandson is now our pickle vendor.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012 Today we begin our 35th year running Mower's Saturday Sunday Flea market on Maple lane in Woodstock, Ny. Mother Nature couldn't have offered us a more beautiful weekend to start the season. We are very grateful for a weekend of sunshine, a full field of vendors, many returnees and a whole new bunch of new vendors. The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Arts is holding it's annual weekend Side Walk Sale May 19 and 20 as well. There is so much going on in the Hudson Valley this weekend. We are especially grateful for YOU- our fans and customers who support our vendors year after year. When you take time out from your yard work, laundry and food shopping, make sure to stop by in Woodstock and relax, visit with old friends and spend some time at Mower's Saturday Sunday flea market too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Opening Date for 2012 - May 19

Yes, it's that time again.  This is our 35th season on Maple Lane in Woodstock NY.

Our information line is 845-679-6744. We can be reached via email at
Our website is

See you on May 19, 2012

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