Friday, November 02, 2018

Save the Dates

Mower's Saturday Sunday Flea- scheduled weekends for November, Nov 10 and 11 and Nov 24 and 25, weather providing. 845-679-6744 for up to date information or follow us on Facebook Mowers Saturday fleamarket.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mower's flea is open thru October and then pop up Nov. 10 and 11 and Nov. 24 and 25

We are approaching the end of Flea market season here in Woodstock, NY. We plan to be open thru October, weather providing and hold pop up markets on November 10 - 11 and November 24 and 25. Please check our information line 845-679-6744 or follow us on facebook- Mowers Saturday fleamarket. We announce there our open and close plans. We have been affected greatly this year by the weather. Every weekend has been an adventure. Hope to see you at the market!

Monday, September 03, 2018

Yes, we are open Labor Day Monday

Last big holiday of the summer season. Vendors are setting up between 7 30 and 9 am and usually start break down around 5PM. Woodstock has plenty to offer visitors this time of year. We plan to remain open thru the month of October, weather providing. Vendors start to close up around 5 because it gets dark pretty quick this time of year. Any questions, call 845-679-6744, email or message us thru our facebook page, Mowers Saturday flea market. See you at the market- the corner of Deanies Alley and Maple Lane!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Public Service Announcement - Mower's fleamarket active driveways on Deanies Alley

Recently, we had a local resident park their car in front of one of our driveways and leave the car overnight, thus interfering with the Woodstock Farm Festival and Mower's flea market operations. Now, we are issuing this friendly reminder that we have two active driveways to our field on Deanies Alley. We do need access to them at all times. There are now new NO parking signs at the top of Deanies Alley. There are two town parking lots on Rock City Road as well as two town parking lots on Comeau Drive. All four lots are a short five to eight minute walk from the center of town. Thanks for your cooperation.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Presenting a special one of a kind creation at Mower's Flea market this weekend

Annie -hannah who specializes in "Diverse Media" brings to our flea market items that include pieces that have been reconstructed and/or re-visioned from discarded items of any and all types. This weekend, Annie-hannah will be presenting a one of a kind, kitchen table she has created from slabs of wood that were salvaged from the "deconstruction" of the Gypsy Wolf/Watering Troff- building. As is true to her nature, she preserved items from a dumpster that were destined for a landfill. The newly created full size sturdy “ kitchen” table features spray painted, hand cut stencils from designer wall paper patterns which decorate both the frame and legs and they have a clear coating on them to deter scratching. Painted bright and fluorescent orange/yellow, the frame and legs are strikingly different from the aqua table top. The table structure is solid and sturdy with re-enforcements. The legs are detachable with high quality hardware. The frame is not detachable. This one of a kind table will be available this Saturday August 25th at Mower’s Flea market at the corner of Maple Lane and Deanies Alley in Woodstock NY.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

It's been a rainy season here in Woodstock, NY

When we make the decision to close the flea due to the weather, here are some of our amazing vendors who aren't able to set up and sell! We appreciate every one of our vendors who have been very patient this year. We also appreciate our visitors, who we know are disappointed when they walk down Maple lane and see that we are closed. We hope that Mother Nature will give us a little break for the rest of the season. Lord knows, California sure needs a little rain!

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Mower's flea contact info and Free parking info

You just never know what our amazing vendors will bring to the flea. Stop by at the corner of Deanies Alley and Maple Lane and check us out. Free parking can be found on Rock City Rd at the Mountain View lot as well as both lots on Comeau Drive. These lots are an easy 5 minute walk to Mower's flea market. For info on the flea, call 845-679-6744, email or follow us on facebook.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A little Mower's Flea History- In case you were wondering.

Over coffee at Ted’s Corner Cupboard, one dreary late winter morning in 1976, Bill Lubinsky, who was known about town as a Woodstock Festival historian, approached John Mower about running a flea market on the Mower family property on Maple lane in Woodstock New York. Bill could not possibly foresee that forty one years later, Mower’s Saturday Sunday Flea market would be a destination for visitors to the Hudson Valley. Though Mowers flea market started out with a dozen or so vendors in 1977, twenty first century attendees will find upwards of fifty vendors each Saturday and Sunday during flea market season. Opening each year in May and running thru October, vendors are selling antiques, crafts, collectibles, jewelry, vintage clothing, repurposed home goods, records, pottery, books, sunglasses, furniture, plants, fruits and veggies, crystals, you name it, something for everyone. Woodstock has the unique distinction of having a Saturday selling event that has been ongoing for more than one hundred years. In 1917, Ethel Peet, a member of the Woodstock Club, developed the idea of running a Saturday Market street fair as a fund raiser for the Red Cross. They were held near the Village green and continued for almost twenty years. The funds from the fair were used to benefit many different activities in Woodstock. During the late 1930’s, Mary Terwilliger began managing the market fairs on the grounds of Christs Lutheran Church on Mill Hill Rd. At some point, Dorothy Seesel took over managing the fair and she eventually found an appropriate spot on the grounds of the Woodstock Playhouse. Dorothy would, in due time, turn the managing of the fair over to Ralph Tripico, a local antique dealer. When they were no longer able to set up at the Playhouse site, Ralph, like Bill Lubinsky, approached John Mower regarding the rental of the Mower family property on Maple Lane. The rest is flea market history. John and Janine Mower and family manage their flea market, listed as one of Fodor’s top 10 flea markets in the country, on property that was purchased by Walter Mower in 1907. What was once a family home and farm lot now is home to the very popular Mowers flea market. Visitors travel to experience the mystique of the town of Woodstock and the flea market from points as far away as Japan and Australia. Many of our vendors are local, however quite a few trave from as far away l as one hundred miles to come and set up at Mowers flea.
Image from 1979, Bill Lubinsky on the far right John and Janine can be reached at, or 845-679-6744. Visit our blog, or find us on Facebook, Mower’s Saturday Market.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mother Nature

Every now and then, mother nature decides that her plan is not our plan. A tropical jet stream is parked off the east coast and has produced a forecast for 90 to 100 % chance of rain for Saturday May 19th our scheduled opening day. Therefore, we will not be open on May 19th-
As of this posting, Sunday May 20th looks like we will be able to run the market for our hearty flea vendors and customers . Check back on our info line 845-679-6744 or our facebook page for updated open and close information.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Opening Day May 19, 2018

Don't worry- May 19th 2018 will be opening day for the flea market and we will all be outside again enjoying the sunshine and socializing with our friends and shopping the flea and all the cool shops in Woodstock NY. Questions? email us at

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The corner of Maple Lane and Deanies Alley

We are enjoying a mild week here in Woodstock. The snow has melted off for now. Though we are a few months away from the opening day of May 19 2018, John is already thinking about prepping the field. If you look closely, you can see two piles of wood chips, patiently waiting for a day when we can get to work, spreading it around the entrance. We have an old saying in our household. We can remember a time, when from Labor Day to Memorial day, you could roll a bowling ball down Mill Hill road and never hit a car. Times have changed. Now, Woodstock is busy year round. Check out the Chamber web site and see whats happening!

The Best of Flea Market Home and Living Magazine.

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