Saturday, April 11, 2015


When you develop an attachment to flea markets and yard sales, you know the feeling. Once the weather gets a little warmer, you start watching for those road side signs that announce a yard sale. Your eyes scan the newspapers for ads that broadcast the starting date for your favorite flea markets. You begin to crave the art of the hunt for something of sentimental or monetary value, placed out for sale by some who no longer wants or needs the item. This year, Mowers Saturday Fleamarket is listed as one of the top ten flea markets in the country by Fodor’s – as noted in the Huffington Post. Locally, the online blog Hudson Valley Happenings has listed Mowers as one of the top five flea markets in the Hudson Valley. Upstater, a local blog notes Mowers and other flea markets in the region including their web sites. This is an exciting time for outdoor markets and those who love to frequent them. Mowers opens in Woodstock on Maple Lane on May 16th. 845-679-6744- or find us on Facebook for further information.

The Best of Flea Market Home and Living Magazine.

Boy, were we excited and pleasantly surprised to see Mowers Saturday Sunday flea market mentioned on page 127 of a recent issue of The Best ...