Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not only does Suzanne create some beautiful hand crafted jewelery, she also makes a wide variety of incense and has it available for sale at Mowers flea market.
All natural tasty treats for your best doggy friend, found only at the Mowers flea market in Woodstock
Pat and Keven set up most weekends at the flea market. You must try out the waterless hand cleanser Down and Dirty natural waterless hand cleanser. You can also visit Pat and Kevin at their new store on Mill Hill Road- Heart of Woodstock- located in the old Longyear Building.
New to the market this year. "Healing with the Mystic Satprem" Want to release pain, find truth or enjoy an island of peace and love while at the market? Then give yourself the priceless gift of Holistic Health with IKIERA divine energy, channeled through Satprem. IKIERA Master Satprem came from India to open a Holistic Healing Center (Body-Mind-Soul) in Upstate NY and is NOW at the Woodstock market! She has over 32 years experience in Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, UK and Greece. In Satprems words: "in love with love always"!
Woodstockers of the not to distant past used to have an old saying... after Labor Day, you could roll a bowling ball down Mill Hill Road and never hit a car. Though things in the 21st century slow down a little bit once all the kids are back to school, we don't slow down to the snails pace of the 1945's and 1950's. Woodstock Ny has become a year round weekend getaway destination. Our fleamarket will be open thru the Thanksgiving weekend, weather providing of course! Our trusty answering machine at 845-679-6744 will have the most up to date information about our schedule. Also, our facebook page has regular up dates. We are looking forward to some beautiful country weather this fall season. Our vendors are changing over their merchandise and we welcome the new vendors who are exploring the Mower's fleamarket experience.

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Boy, were we excited and pleasantly surprised to see Mowers Saturday Sunday flea market mentioned on page 127 of a recent issue of The Best ...