Thursday, June 30, 2022

Mackinzie's Specially Selected Vintage Clothing and Jewelry


Excerpted from the American Tapestry the Mowers of Maple Lane pg 19

“Vendors shop everywhere! All one needs is a car, a roll of cash and a tank of gas and you could be in business. Two of the most popular places to shop are; house sales and yard sales. “Your trash is my treasure: the motto expressed by successful antique seller Len Sickler of Kingston is modeled by many Woodstock vendors. Many will take on the task of cleaning out houses, barns and garages of entire contents, with the hope that one or two valuable items will make the hard dirty work worth the effort.

New vendors and different products for our 45th season.

In the 21st century, vendors still continue to hunt for resalable items at house sales and yard sales.  However, as we enter into our 45th season of flea marketing, we notice that what vendors bring to the market has changed somewhat.  Now, there is quite a demand for vintage clothing and wearable items.

Mackenzie is one of our newer vendors who brings along items for sale that are not the usual items you would see at a house content sale. Mackenzie had one season at the flea in 2016 and then had a pause in the selling part of her life, reemerging in the summer of 2021.  By her own admission, she enjoys the “thrifting” side of the hunt for those hidden gems she has for sale at the flea.  Mackenzie sets up every Saturday and she also sells online and can be found at her Instagram page under the name mack_bones.  Her booth is filled with quirky and fun items, a few of which she has created herself. Overall, vintage clothing and jewelry is her focus.

Debbie's Knock Out Dogs


Excerpted from American Tapestry the Mowers of Maple Lane pg. 25

            "The transition from outdoor barbeque style food booth to hot dog cart was traumatic. The all-day barbecue created a fun atmosphere on the field. There was also the challenge of finding just the right person to fit into the family atmosphere. The transition was made easier when Colleen Mower and Jason Young stepped in. Jason built a hot dog cart and the young couple began selling the tastiest fresh squeezed lemonade along with the usual hot dogs and soda. Gone was the delicious outdoor breakfast menu. However, over time everyone adjusted. When Jason became a member of the Woodstock police force, the couple retired from the hot dog cart business. The Paccheo family set up their cart for a few years, followed by Kingstonian Jody Ettinger. Matt Ciardi, who purchased Jody’s cart and was selling on Main Street in Kingston during the week decided to give Woodstock a try. After two years, Matt decided it was time to go to college and sold his car to current Saturday hot dog vendors Bill and Deb. When the market expanded to Saturday and Sunday a second hot dog vendor was recruited. Sean Miller, who sets up at the Main Street site by the Kingston post office, agreed to join the Mower’s Market family.”

   Food vending in the 21 st century at Mower’s Saturday Sunday flea market.

For more than two decades, the Knock Out Dogs hot dog cart has been the first thing visitors see when they enter the flea from Deanies Alley.  Debbie took over the hot dog cart from her brother Bill in 2012, and was our food vendor for every Saturday. About five years ago, Debbie took over the Sunday spot and now does both days, weather providing.  Her most popular selling Sabrett dog is the combo with chili followed by the dogs with kraut or relish and mustard.  New to Debbie’s Knock Out Dog hot dog cart is a tasty Sabrett dog topped with cole slaw.  Debbie uses Sabrett brand rolls, onions, kraut and of course,  hot dogs!

 At least once a year Debbie has a visit from Mr. Sabrett and a group of his friends. His first visit in 2022 was on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  Mr. Sabrett and ten friends gathered round the Knock Out Dog cart and started ordering their favorites.  Mortified, Debbie had to announce that she was sold out of Sabretts.  Mr. Sabrett laughed; everyone took the announcement in stride.  He laughed, saying “that’s what everyone wants to do! Sell out!”  Debbie’s cart is ready to serve Sabrett dogs,         11 am ish to 3 30 pm ish every weekend, when the flea is open.

The Best of Flea Market Home and Living Magazine.

Boy, were we excited and pleasantly surprised to see Mowers Saturday Sunday flea market mentioned on page 127 of a recent issue of The Best ...