Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last day of the 2016 season

We give a big enthusiastic shout out to the dozen or so vendors who braved the elements this weekend at the flea market. Mother nature managed to provide us with clouds, sun, sprinkles of rain and gusty wind that accompanied frozen little snow flakes. In the past 39 years, its a rare occasion that we stay open to Thanksgiving weekend. However, if vendors want to sell, we do our best to provide these small business entrepreneurs the platform to do so. 2016 has been a great year. We are grateful for our vendors. We are grateful for all the visitors to Woodstock NY who are fans of Mower's Saturday Sunday flea market. Next year is a big year for us. We will start the celebration of 40 years in business on Saturday May 20th 2017. We can be reached at 845-679-6744. or follow us on Facebook under the title Mower's Saturday Flea Market. Blessings to all and see you in the spring!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Looking toward fall in Woodstock NY

Though the summer season may seem like it is winding down, Mower's Saturday Sunday fleamarket is looking forward to being open Weekends thru November. Vendors are replenishing their selection of treasures for sale. The fall season in Woodstock is one of the most special times of year. Call us at 845-679-6744 or email for further information.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Fourth of July weekend

What a wonderful weekend, town is packed, lots of visitors, plenty of music, art galleries are open and Mower's fleamarket is going strong!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Opening Weekend May 21, 2016

John and Janine Mower are pleased to announce the opening weekend of the 39th season of Mower's Saturday Sunday Fleamarket in Woodstock NY As you scroll through our blog, you will see a collection of images taken thru the years. The images represent a small portion of what our vendors offer for shoppers to poke thru and explore. Everyone leaves the fleamarket with a treasure or two. You can park on Maple Lane- a tree line dead end street in the heart of Woodstock. Our fleamarket is at the intersection of Maple Lane and Deanies Alley, behind Bread Alone and next door to the Woodstock Tea Shop. The FREE parking lot can be found off Rock City Road and is known as the Mt. View Parking lot- a few hundred feet away from the fleamarket. Call 845-679-6744 for information or email us at We can be found on facebook- search for Mowers flea. Don't forget to mention us on Tripadvisor. See you at the market!

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Opening Day May 21 2016

Before you know it! Woodstock will be in full bloom and the fleamarket will be open again. Visit our Website to look at our brochure, find us on Facebook, email or call 845-679-6744. See you at the market! SOON

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Maple Lane c 1940 Woodstock NY

Home to three generations of Mower's beginning with Walter and Pricilla Short Mower in 1907

Monday, February 01, 2016

Opening Day May 21, 2016

We start our 39th season on May 21. for further information, visit our web site. Other contact info: 845-679-6744, email or Like and follow us on facebook. see you at the market! SOON!

Saturday Market fairs - Woodstock New York

In “ American Tapestry, the Mowers of Maple Lane, Woodstock NY” Janine Fallon Mower writes: Ralph Whitehead founded the Woodstock Club in 1913, and his intention was to create a process by which locals and new comers could come together to create a civic improvement plan. Civic- minded Woodstockers, Walter and Bertha Weyl, Dr. Mortimer Downer, Carl and Louise Linden joined Ralph Whitehead at a gathering at White Pines to flesh out Whitehead’s ideas. The resulting plan included developing a wellness program and to raise funds that would support trained nurses who could serve Woodstockers when the need arose. After many lengthy discussions, the group generated a plan to found a “ book club” for their community. Local builder George Neher offered to convert the ground floor of a barn ( later to be transformed into the Nook and the CafĂ© Espresso) he had recently purchased and rent it to the club for $ 10.00 a month. Whitehead and friends held various fundraisers to support the newly established Book Club and the health nurse. According to minutes in 1915, “ the proceeds from a rummage sale amounted to $ 162.00 benefit and a concert in August netted $ 63.00”. Toward the end of 1917, minutes of the Woodstock Club meeting reflected that the nurses fund had been depleted due to “ three cases of illness” and the Library ( former book club) would be closed for the winter “ owning to a shortage of coal”. During the ten years between 1920 and 1930 the sum of $ 4478.19 had been disbursed by the managers of the Market Fair”. The Woman’s Club, the Library and the Firemen have been given generous amounts each year. As it turns out, the first Saturday Market fair was held in Woodstock in 1917 under the direction of Ethel Peets and Marion Eames, as a fund raiser for the Red Cross. This very popular street fair continued under the direction of Mary Terwilliger and later Dorothy and Virginia Seesel. The Mower family picked up the tradition of Saturday Fairs and began Mower’s Saturday fleamarket in 1977. To read the rest of the story, contact Janine Fallon Mower at or thru Mower’s Saturday fleamarket on facebook. Books are available from the author for 16.00 each.

The Best of Flea Market Home and Living Magazine.

Boy, were we excited and pleasantly surprised to see Mowers Saturday Sunday flea market mentioned on page 127 of a recent issue of The Best ...