Friday, February 26, 2021

Episode 8- follow up information

At this time, little is known about Andrew Jackson Banks, the cook at Meads.  When I wrote Images of Woodstock I used a quote found in a Kingston Freeman article in which Mrs. William Mead was interviewed.  She referred to her cook as “Old Andrew”.  He was paid about $25.00 a month and worked for the family for over 30 years.  I would anticipate with more research,  other aspects of Andrew’s  life could be discovered.  There are more images of Meads in my book,   Images of Woodstock. They are available thru me at

My Mom, Winnie Davis and her friend Gen Whitely are posing for a German photographer who was staying at Meads Mt. House.  This pastoral setting she knew as Meads Meadow  is now referred to as Magic Meadow.

 The piece of information about Deanie Elwyn working as the “ second” chef for Harold Scism may add to the timeline of Deanies pre WW2 era career activity.   Harold was the husband of Deanies longtime  piano player- Flo.   At the moment, my thoughts on Maude the cook- perhaps she came to Woodstock with Flo and Harold.  Details will be posted as they emerge.

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