Saturday, February 02, 2013

Maple Lane, what a great place to raise a family

" Raising her family in her mother- in laws house must have been awkward for Anne at first. Eventually, Esther and Anne began to share the household chores. There was a big, deep white enamel sink in the kitchen, which made it easy to hook up the copper topped automatic wringer washing machine. They would drag the washing machine from the hallway where it was stored and push it into the kitchen. The only draw back, it had to be emptied by and with a pail. It seems as though every clear day was wash day on Maple Lane" American Tapestry, the Mowers of Maple Lane, Janine Fallon Mower 2007, p. 92). Not just a fleamarket, but a home to many. Anne Mower with her children, John, Barbara, Patty, Kay, Linda and Maureen.

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