Thursday, September 13, 2012

Woodstockers of the not to distant past used to have an old saying... after Labor Day, you could roll a bowling ball down Mill Hill Road and never hit a car. Though things in the 21st century slow down a little bit once all the kids are back to school, we don't slow down to the snails pace of the 1945's and 1950's. Woodstock Ny has become a year round weekend getaway destination. Our fleamarket will be open thru the Thanksgiving weekend, weather providing of course! Our trusty answering machine at 845-679-6744 will have the most up to date information about our schedule. Also, our facebook page has regular up dates. We are looking forward to some beautiful country weather this fall season. Our vendors are changing over their merchandise and we welcome the new vendors who are exploring the Mower's fleamarket experience.

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