Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

We are celebrating our 35th New Years eve together at the Little Bear Restaurant in Bearsville NY.
Marlee has a great following, she presides over a space that includes good food, stimulating conversation and general all around fun!
John and I spent the early evening hours checking coats for the attendees of the Family New Years Eve event at the Bearsville theatre.
We spent the later part of the evening waiting for Capt Kenievel to jump the volcano at the La Mirage in VEgas.
To pass the time, we unraveled yarn that was in a very tangled mess. We decided this activity was evidence of the patience we have both developed over the course of our lives together thus far.

We can't wait to begin the planning process for the 2009 Mower's Saturday Flea market Season

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